4 Pieces Of Furniture You Should Not Buy

19:41' 03-11-2017
Choosing furniture for a beautiful living space is a dilemma that many people face. There are some pieces of furniture you should not buy or design, in order to avoid the risk that they will not be used, or lead to frustration if you try to use them.

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    Bed bench

    A bed bench is an extremely entangling and uncomfortable piece of furniture. Strangely, so many people do not realise this when they buy such a bench for their bedroom. In fact, it does not have any real advantage. Apart from being used to store a few small personal belongings, the bench is completely useless.

    Lights in plaster ceilings

    Installing lights in plaster ceilings is becoming very popular nowadays. This way of arranging and positioning downlights seems modern, but always gives the owner a lot of trouble. That is because the life expectancy of these LEDs is low and it is not easy to replace them. In addition, the gaps above are ideal places for dirt accumulation and a lair for dangerous insects, which badly affects the health of everyone in your family.


    If you are thinking of buying a treadmill for weight loss and health promotion, then you should think again. A treadmill is very expensive, occupies a large space in your house, and especially causes inconvenience.

    When doing exercises on the treadmill at home, your motivation will be affected and you may quit halfway. This is not likely if you have paid to go to the gym. The biggest inconvenience it causes is warranty and repair. Your vigorous movements always put strain on it. You may end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

    Balcony cabinets

    Making the most of your living space for interior design is a must. However, setting up a cabinet on the balcony is unreasonable. Even though this seems to save space in the home, the effects of dust and sunlight on the cabinet will lead to regret.

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