7 Ways Petite Women Can Look Taller

14:44' 27-07-2017
If you are a woman of small stature, you can look taller if you avoid wearing oversized clothes, and choose the right combination of crop-tops and high-waisted bottoms.


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    Voluminous dresses only suit tall women. If your height is not great, choose dresses that fit you and focus on your waist, like waist-fitted sheath dresses.

    Jeans and T-shirts

    A cropped top is the perfect choice for petite women. Combining it with high-waisted jeans will help significantly “lengthen” the legs. You can also try a cropped top and skirt, for pleasantly surprising results.

    Jackets and blazers

    Women of small stature should not wear voluminous or elongated jackets or blazers. They will “swallow” the body and visibly shorten the legs. Instead, you should choose jackets and blazers that are small in volume, cropped, and fitted up to the waist or slightly below.

    Monochrome sets

    Contrasting colours in a set of clothes, such as a bright shirt and dark bottoms, will separate the body in half. In comparison, monochrome sets help you look taller.

    Tops and skirts

    When you are not wearing a cropped top, don't forget to tuck the top into the skirt. This will maintain the right figure proportions, highlight the waist and “lengthen” the legs.


    Either wear short cardigans, or choose one that is long enough to reach the ankle to create an uninterrupted vertical line, which visibly enhances your stature. Your cardigans should not be too thick or hard.

    Belts and shoes

    If you like wearing shoes or sandals that buckle at the ankle, make sure they match the tone of your skin in order not to separate the body. You should also avoid using wide belts. This accessory is only suitable for women with an ideal height.


    Avoid using large bags. Small bags or backpacks are the best option for the petite.

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