8 Reasons Not To Wear Make-up

20:21' 06-09-2017
Women wear make-up for different reasons, to appear more beautiful to men, or just for their own satisfaction. However, there are good reasons not to wear make-up all of the time.

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    Healthier skin

    Wearing make-up only helps improve our appearance, but not our skin. Regularly making up can increase wrinkles, causing skin to become more sensitive.


    Cream, foundation and powder can give you a smooth and perfect “second skin”, but can also bring many skin problems like acne and large pores.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is very important for bone health, as well as skin. Sunlight helps convert vitamin D precursors to do this, but make-up reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed into the skin. Let your skin be exposed directly to sunlight for stronger bones, just make sure to apply sunscreen.

    Allergy risk

    Chemicals in cosmetics can cause sensitive skin to be inflamed. Even for those who do not have a clear reaction to make-up, the chemicals can still increase levels of inflammation in the body. In some cases, the reaction may develop over time and after many years of exposure.

    Skin care

    When there are not layers of make-up hiding your skin problems, you will pay more attention to your skin. Regularly apply a moisturiser every evening to help your skin look healthier.

    Save time

    Many people take an hour to put on make-up before going out. When you are no longer bound by concealer, foundation or powder, you can leave the house for your appointments sooner.

    Save money

    It is estimated that women pay up to $300 every year for cosmetics. Without make-up, you will save a decent amount of money.

    Men prefer no make-up

    A study conducted in the UK found that two-thirds of women wear make-up because they want to appear more beautiful to men. However, three-quarters of men say that they prefer the natural look on women. Nearly 45% of men report that they lose interest in dating a woman wearing too much make-up, 33% of men do not like women dyeing their skin brown, 5% do not like bright red lipstick, and 4% do not like women to make up with dark black eyes and false eyelashes.

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