A Top Season For Papaya

15:14' 19-09-2018
The warmer tropical climates of Australias far north, from Queensland across the Northern Territory to Western Australia, provide the perfect growing regions for red and yellow papaya, also called pawpaw.

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    This year, excellent weather conditions and increased plantings have made it a record season for papaya, and an abundance of the fruit set hits the stores from this month onwards.

    Dietitian Caitlin Reid, of industry body Australian Papaya, says it’s the perfect healthy snack to include in your diet for all ages.

    “Just one serve (150g) packs in essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and fibre,” she says. “Papaya is also low in kilojoules and has a moderate glycaemic index (GI) so they keep you fuller for longer.”

    Queensland papaya grower Gerard Kath has some handy tips for choosing and storing papaya.

    • The full-bodied flavour of papaya only develops in fully ripened fruit,so look for fruit with slightly yellow skin.

    • Give the papaya a gentle squeeze under the stem. If it’s ripe, it will give slightly. If it’s a bit hard, put it in the fruit bowl to ripen.

    • For pre-cut papaya, judge it by the flesh colour. If the fruit is paler and lacking vibrancy, it will be less juicy and flavoursome.

    • Freckles on papaya skin are not a sign of damage, they're a sign of sweetness. They often appear on fruit that is grown in the in-land regions, whereas coastal-grown fruit can be clean skinned.

    • Papaya is an incredibly refreshing snack when it’s kept cool like a watermelon, so store ripe papaya in the fridge.

    For delicious recipes and more information about papaya visit www.australianpapaya.com.au.

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