Add Value To Your Home Without Renovating

14:19' 16-08-2017
Renovating a home can increase its market value, but the cost of renovation reduces the value in your pocket.

    Interiors by Sarah Elshaug, Maitland Street Interiors: Well-utilised space is an asset and makes your property appear more aesthetically appealing.


    Domain writer Elizabeth Clarke suggests some simple ways you can add value to your property without renovating. Only the first and last items on this list involve paying other people.

    Professional clean

    Employ a professional cleaner for major outside surfaces, such as walls and windows, and a gardener for the outdoor area.

    Your own clean

    Empty clutter from cupboards. Wash walls, doors, tiles and skirting boards. Dust the tops of cupboards and decorative details like light fittings.

    Entry way

    Pay attention to the first impression visitors will get when they enter. Try to make it look inviting and welcoming.

    Simple style

    There is nothing wrong with colourful or ornate décor, but there should not be too much of it, or the interior will look too “busy”.

    Make space

    Similarly, arrange furniture and décor to give the sense of relaxing space, not crowded. 


    Along with the above two points, get the right combination of lighting for function and for mood.

    Walls and floors

    A fresh coat of white paint makes a room brighter. If you have timber floors which are yellowing, sand or stain them. Get rid of old worn-out carpets.

    Small details

    See if you can improve the look by replacing cabinet knobs and light fittings.

    Add Style

    Before anything else, you may ask a professional property stylist to advise. Make it clear that you want advice for a home being sold, not one you are planning to continue living in.

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