Asian Horoscope: January-February

15:01' 21-01-2019
Pig: This is a good time for a close relationship, it can move to the next level. Your partner’s viewpoint will be very important, so listen with ears not mouth.

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    Keep at work, but don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle. This is a good time to improve serenity and stability in the family. Separate ideas come together to reveal new directions. Promote your qualities to make your position firm.


    You will be busy, but your effort brings profit. Focus on basic needs rather than speculation. Work around obstacles gradually, without rushing. Travel may be necessary for your career or business. Financial transactions are likely to go smoothly.


    While everything is going your way, work harder to make most use of the good luck. Avoid all conflict, especially in the family. Their support is important. It is best to leave the leadership role to others. At the same time, preserve your own interests.


    Recognition of your hard work gives your career a boost. There may be some annoying situations, but they will pass away quickly. Don’t let anything undermine your confidence or will. Listen rather than talk, and pay attention to the changes around.


    This time marks a new beginning. Everything goes your way, bringing you fame and fortune. The changes begin with small things, so keep up your optimism and don’t think you are getting less than you deserve. Growth depends on your own bright attitude.


    Look carefully at your impressions or deductions, make sure you are not mistaken. To get the best, you must know how to give others a second chance. Success is in sight, maybe connected to travel. You will be busy, so guard your health closely.


    You have more control over the course of things, even if that includes some unpleasant events. Be ready to act on plans, and make new ones. If you already know your chosen direction, in both career and romance, don’t be led away from it.


    This is a good time for renewal, in business, home renovation or travel. Work hard to show others what you have to offer, it’s more than you might think. Your confidence can encourage others to connect with you, to the benefit of everyone.


    It is better to aim for stability, rather than make major life decisions. However, things will work out well if you don’t expect too much, too quickly. Your best results come from getting closer to others now, so give time to family and loved ones.


    Discuss all plans or changes with everyone concerned, to avoid confusion. Listen to the advice of others before you make any decisions. Your energy state is good, so you can achieve much, but your efforts must be in the right direction.


    You must manage some small conflicts following a loss of position or money. Taking care of your interests is not selfish, just avoid hasty decisions, and be prepared to review your plans. You can get through this easily. A relationship may blossom.


    This is a good time for a close relationship, it can move to the next level. Your partner’s viewpoint will be very important, so listen with ears not mouth. Don’t let opinions rule over facts. Enjoy what is passing now, rather than striving for anything new.

    Yan Yi

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