Attacking Paramedics Will Earn Time In Jail

18:47' 22-05-2018
Following the outcry over a recent County Court decision, the State Government has assured the Police Association Victoria and Ambulance Employees Australia Victoria that anyone who attacks and injures an emergency worker will receive a jail sentence.

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    Paramedic Paul Judd suffered injuries needing three operations, and is still unable work, after being viciously assaulted by two drunken women in 2016.

    While Mr Judd and another paramedic treated a drug-affected man, the two women, aged 33 and 20, repeatedly kicked him. At the time, they had been consuming alcohol and cannabis all day.

    Last year a magistrate sentenced them to eight months and four months jail respectively, but they appealed against the sentence. On 15 May County Court judge Barbara Cotterell found “special circumstances” applied to both women, related to their traumatic upbringing, mental health issues, and substance abuse.

    Claiming they “had done a lot to turn their lives around”, Judge Cotterell quashed the jail sentences and replaced them with community corrections orders.

    The decision outraged the public, deeply disappointed Mr Judd, and has understandably caused alarm among emergency workers, which include police and firefighters as well as ambulance paramedics.

    A joint press release from the Premier, Police Association and Ambulance Employees Australia says, “Our police, paramedics, firefighters and other emergency workers put their lives on the line every day to help keep us safe – it is unacceptable that they should be attacked or assaulted just for doing their job.”

    The Government will introduce reforms to the Parliament in the coming weeks to treat attacks resulting in injuries against emergency workers as category 1 offences, putting such attacks in the same category as murder and rape. That will require Courts to impose a jail sentence, not a community based order.

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