Bad Habits Cause Premature Aging

02:25' 12-12-2018
You may think your daytime habits are harmless and have no effect on your health. However, some habits unexpectedly cause premature aging.

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    Chewing food 

    Many experts say that chewing food on one side of your mouth easily causes uneven facial muscle growth. Get into the habit of chewing food with teeth on both sides, to keep your facial muscles and skin evenly firm.


    When angry or stressed, we often frown and grimace. This habit causes wrinkles to appear on the forehead faster, due to decreased metabolism and blood circulation. Also, when you frown, your skin will be prone to bruising and melasma.

    Resting the chin on your hands

    Sitting in the office or studying for a long time, you will often feel tired and maybe rest your chin on your hands. This habit will cause reduced facial skin elasticity, sagging facial muscles and wrinkle formation.

    Regular hot baths

    Hot baths can help relax and rejuvenate your body. However, hot water will dry out your skin and age it faster. Instead, use hot water in winter and a cold bath in summer.

    Sleeping on your stomach

    This habit puts pressure on your facial skin throughout the night, damaging the skin and preventing collagen formation. Besides, your neck and shoulder muscles will be stiff, leading to reduced blood supply to the brain.

    Air conditioning

    Air conditioners work by absorbing moisture in the air to produce hot orcold air. Therefore, if you regularly work in air-conditioned rooms, your skin will lose its natural moisture and become dry faster. If your job requires you to sit in these rooms, apply lotion regularly and drink plenty of water to provide your skin with enough moisture.

    Computer and phone use

    Radiation from computers and phones can directly affect the skin, especially when you have to bow your head regularly to look at the screen, resulting in wrinkles on the neck. Even squinting to read words can causes wrinkle formations in the face. Avoid looking at the screen for too long, and remember to massage your face and neck frequently.

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