Bad Habits That Give You Nightmares

19:17' 24-07-2018
Dreaming helps our brain eliminate unwanted connections that form when we are awake.

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    However, pleasant dreams are different from nightmares, which often contain negative contents evoking fear, anxiety and sadness. They also induce drowsiness and leave you tired when you wake up.

    Some pre-sleep habits can cause stress to the brain, leading to these conditions.

    Music while sleeping

    Many people have the habit of listening to music to fall asleep more easily. However, exposure to sounds during sleep will stimulate the brain and result in negative reactions. This can cause narcosis or nightmares. A glass of warm water or yoga practice will help you sleep better instead of listening to music.

    Late night snacks

    The habit of eating snacks before bed not only causes weight gain but also affects the quality of sleep. Eating at night affects the body's temperature and metabolism. At this time, the activity of the brain during the REM sleep will be accelerated, making you dream more often.

    Stress before bed

    Experiencing stress before bed is bad for the brain. If it is not removed, you will be more likely to suffer nightmares or narcosis. To avoid this situation, you have to avoid stress before bed. You should also avoid overwork to relax your mind.

    Too much daytime sleep

    Sleeping too much during the day is the leading cause of insomnia. Waking up late or napping for too long can make you unable to sleep deeply at night. You should give up the habit of waking up late every morning. A short nap of around 30 minutes will help keep the body awake when you are genuinely exhausted.

    Watching horror movies

    Watching horror movies before bedtime is not a good idea. The images in these movies can stimulate the brain, and increasing feelings of anxiety and fear during sleep. For a good sleep without nightmares, you should find other ways to relax before sleeping.

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