Banh Mi Business Is On A Roll

17:58' 04-09-2017
Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most highly regarded Asian cuisines, popular for its variety of flavours and textures.

    Everyone knows well the famous Vietnamese roll, or banh mi, a tasty filling (usually chicken and salad) in a crusty bread roll. The interesting thing is that the banh mi is probably the best example of combining Asian and Western cuisine. The crusty bread roll was introduced into the Vietnamese diet by the French, but Vietnamese chefs have made a signature dish out of it.

    Mr Phan Quoc Bao has built a successful business around the banh mi with his VN Wrap & Roll chain of restaurants. Beginning with one restaurant in Sunshine West, he has added two more stores, another in Sunshine West, and one in Footscray.

    VN Wrap & Roll specialises in banh mi, as well as hamburgers, chips, potato cakes, and other fried dishes, such as stir-fried noodles. A specialty is chicken pieces, cooked in different styles. The chickens are bought and pressure cooked on the same day, to guarantee their freshness, the basis of best flavour. Cheese cake, donuts and other sweets are also available.

    Mr Bao has lived in Australia for about 30 years, first in Adelaide and now in Melbourne. He says plainly that getting his business established took a lot of hard work and patience. He says the success of a restaurant business is only 50% based on the brand. The rest comes from professionalism in service, flexibility in staff and menu, and dedication and trust.

    “We cannot restrict our business to Vietnamese customers,” Mr Bao says. “We need to integrate into Australian life and lifestyle to persuade everyone to enjoy our Vietnamese food.”

    After two years of arduous work, VN Wrap & Roll found its market and a stable customer base. This has allowed him to expand the business from one restaurant to three. Each shop opens at slightly different times, but most are in the range of 5am to 5pm, seven days a week. This is suitable for the early morning worker's breakfast, lunch, or meals throughout the day.

    Mr Bao aims to build VN Wrap & Roll into a franchise chain. This is an opportunity for couples, families or independent business owners to invest and share in the success of the business. He offers support providing and preparing food, training staff in service, and making sure the business is ready to hand over to a franchise manager.

    In addition, Mr Bao is building a website for the VN Wrap & Roll chain, to give easy access to many more customers. Online delivery of dishes is faster, using special containers to transport the food without damage.

    Mr Bao is keen to hear from anyone interested in entering this business as a franchisee. For more information please call 0422 638 388.




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