Beating The Flu At Your Busiest Time

19:58' 12-06-2018
For students, winter means major assessments, and mid-year exams. Unfortunately it also means a higher risk of flu, just when you need it least.


    If the flu is giving you trouble, try these simple strategies from Matilda Gerrans of Insider Guides to keep control of your health.

    Homemade Juices

    Juices made from fresh ingredients are the most effective. Orange and grapefruit juice are the best source of vitamin C, to strengthen your immune system. Beetroot and carrot help decrease inflammation, and watermelon juice relieves stiff and sore muscles.

    Essential Oils

    Eucalyptus oil clears your nose and makes breathing easier. Rub it on the chest and shoulders, or inhale it from a handkerchief. Lemon oil and peppermint oil are also effective, and can help with headaches. Lavender oil can reduce inflammation and help you relax.


    Sleeping is one of the best things you can do for the flu. Resting your body helps it fight back against the infection.

    Healthy Foods

    Eat foods high in probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. Vegetable soups are particularly good, and better if you add spices such as ginger, turmeric or cumin. Always include a good amount of garlic, nature's antibiotic.

    Salt Water Rinse

    Gargling or rinsing your throat with salt water is unpleasant, but works very well. The salt kills off bacteria, giving your nose and throat a chance to recover.


    The steam from a hot shower relaxes your throat and clears your nose, helping you get rid of inflammation and congestion. Another effective method is simply to inhale steam from a bowl of hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.


    The steam from a cup of tea helps clear your head, but many teas also have some medicinal value. Green tea and echinacea tea have anti-viral properties. Elderberry tea and liquorice root tea help reduce inflammation, easing your breathing and soothing the throat.

    Fresh Air

    Staying inside in a stuffy room is bad for your breathing. Fresh, cold air can help clear your nose.

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