Bedroom Lighting For Better Relations

15:21' 22-08-2018
Bedroom feng shui is closely related to a couple’s love and harmony. The key to good feng shui is air flow, but the flow of light is just as important.



    It is important to pay attention to light and ventilation in the bedroom. Light-filled bedrooms will help a couple’s love and harmony. Bedrooms which are too dark and damp will badly affect their mood and feelings, and be likely to lead to misunderstanding and adultery. Moreover, it is necessary to have at least one window in the bedroom to get enough sunlight.


    Placing a bed next to or opposite a window will destroy the couple’s relationship and lead to adultery. The window lets outside influences come in, causing your personal energy to get weaker in time, as it has no protection.

    Picture arrangement

    There should only be photos of the couple in their bedroom, because hanging photos of other men or women is likely to result in adultery. You should also not hang abstract images that are difficult to understand. Many people consider them lies, leading to the appearance of “villains” that severely affect the couple’s work and love.

    Bedroom layout

    The most beautiful shape for a couple's bedroom is square. Square bedrooms maintain the stability and harmony of their relationship. If their bedroom is long and narrow, they will be more likely to argue with each other.

    Bed direction

    Bed direction depends on the owner's feng shui element, which you can find by looking up a chart of your birth year.

    For Fire, Wood and Water elements, the bed should be located in the north, east, south or southeast.

    For Metal and Earth elements, it should be placed in the northeast, northwest, southwest or west.

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