Best Advice For Fridge Food Storage

01:18' 09-01-2018
The fridge is the most important place for food storage, but it has to be used the right way if you want your food to stay fresh for longer.


    Raw meat and fish

    Wrap and place on a plate or in a container to prevent on the lowest shelf to keep drips from contaminating things below.

    Dairy foods

    Place milk and other dairy foods deep on the shelves, to avoid the temperature fluctuations that door shelves experience.

    Jarred items

    Sauces, jams, olives, dressings and so on are very stable, unaffected by temperature changes, so they are the best choice for door shelves.

    Leafy foods

    Lettuce and fresh herbs should be stored in refrigerator drawers.


    Sit them on a high shelf. If the shelves are glass, put the tomatoes in a plastic bowl, not directly on the glass, even if they are in a bag.


    Store in the drawers, but only wash them just before eating.


    Eggs can go anywhere so long as they are not disturbed.


    As they ripen, some fruits and vegetables produce a gas called ethylene. This can cause other foods to ripen too quickly, or even cause damage. To reduce spoiling, keep ethylene-producing fruits and vegetables away from those that are ethylene-sensitive.

    There is a list of ethylene gas-producing foods at

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