Best Feng Shui Colours For Your Kitchen

14:05' 01-08-2017
The kitchen is where we provide nourishment for our families, so this is one place we must make a special effort to get the feng shui right.

    Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kitchen


    First choose the right colours to use and avoid, based on the general location of your kitchen. For decorations, consider the life area of the location, such as fame, marriage, etc.


    • Area of fame and reputation, element Fire, highly auspicious
    • Fiery colours such as bright red, yellow, orange
    • Wood colours such as green and brown
    • Avoid too much blue and black


    • Area of love and marriage, element Earth, very lucky
    • Yellow is good, because it is an Earth and Fire colour
    • Red, orange, purple, pink are also good
    • Avoid too much white, grey, blue and black


    • Area of children and creativity, element Metal, needs care
    • Fresh whites, clean greys and warm earthy tones
    • Use decorations with strong Earth element
    • Avoid Fire element colours, because Fire can weaken Metal


    • Area of helpful people and blessings, element Metal
    • Use the same care as in a West kitchen


    • Area of career and life path, element Water, unsteady
    • Strong Water colours and decorations: blue, black, grey and white
    • Some Fire colours to balance the Water
    • Use Metal colours and decorations (white and grey) to support the Earth


    • Area of spiritual growth, element Earth, lucky
    • Treat like a kitchen in the Southwest area
    • Include spiritual or religious decorative feature


    • Area of health and family, element Wood, risky
    • Green and brown colours are excellent, and some light blue accents
    • Wooden decorations are helpful
    • Avoid a predominantly white colour kitchen
    • Beware of damage by Fire or Metal element colours


    • Area of wealth, element Wood, risky
    • Colour and decorate like an East kitchen
    • Display many fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs or flowers, to attract abundance


    • Area of the heart of the home, element Earth, lucky
    • Colour and decorate like a Southwest or Northeast kitchen
    • Limit Metal colours (white, grey) and Water colours (blue, black)

    For more ideas, there is a handy feng shui colour wheel, produced by expert Rodika Tchi, at www.knowfeng 

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