Brilliant Tricks That Car Cleaners Know

18:59' 25-10-2017
We like to keep our cars in the best clean condition, but some things seem impossible to clean, or only by professional cleaners at high expense.


    Here are some secrets of the trade to help you out.

    Air Filters

    Dirty air filters give your car a stale unpleasant smell. Replace them every six months, and the difference will surprise you.


    Does your car have a bad smell that you can't locate, and it won't go away? Put a few pieces of charcoal under the seats, and they will absorb the odour.

    Leather Seats

    A mixture of vinegar and linseed oil in equal parts cleans and restores the look of leather.

    Pet Hair

    Cover the seats lightly with water, then run a rubber squeegee over them to collect the hair.


    Roll the windows down a little when you clean them. It does make them look better. For a cleaner, use vinegar spray, and wipe it off with newspaper.

    Hairline Cracks

    If there is a hairline crack in the paintwork or windows, cover it with clear nail polish. That will stop it getting bigger.


    Coca-Cola gets rid of rust stains like magic.

    Wiper Blades

    Windshield wipers should be cleaned regularly to be effective. The best way to clean them is to wipe the blade with rubbing alcohol on cotton wool.


    A light solution of bleach and detergent can put the shine back into your tyres.


    A mixture of kerosene and water can be used as a polish to “wax” your car with a very glossy finish.

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