Brilliant Uses For Everyday Items

20:20' 15-06-2018
Simple household items can have helpful uses beyond their intended purpose. Here are a few clever hacks to make life easier for you.


    Magnetic strip

    Magnetic strips are useful for keeping small metal objects, like tweezers, in one place. The strips can be bought at discount stores, or you can just remove them from the back of old fridge calendars.

    Tight jar lid

    There are many ways of unscrewing jar lids which are too tight. The easiest is to stick a spoon under the rim, then gently lever the lid a little. It releases enough air to lower the pressure in the jar, making the job easier for your hand.


    If you have to travel with stale clothes in your bag, throw a bar of soap in with them. It helps reduce the odour.

    Egg cartons

    Egg cartons are a great storage solution for small fragile Christmas ornaments.

    Sharpen scissors

    This is brilliant. If your scissors are blunt, cut a few strips of tinfoil. Notice the difference.

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