Bring In Money With Feng Shui

15:21' 11-02-2019
There are many ways you can use feng shui to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance.

    Kết quả hình ảnh cho succulent “jade tree”


    Southeast area

    The area connected to financial prosperity is the Southeast area. Take care of this area to attract and hold wealth and money.

    If part of it is missing, or if it is in the bathroom, use feng shui cures. These are decorative figures, like the wealth vase, dragon turtle, laughing Buddha, and abundance ship. The ship is said to fit in with almost any décor.

    Front door

    Your house needs a strong front door to attract wealth. Protect it with symbols of protection, abundance and good luck.


    Clutter is the great enemy of flow of Chi. A cluttered space can't attract or keep wealth energy.

    Lucky Bamboo

    All five feng shui elements gather in the bamboo. As a plant, it expresses Wood and Earth, and it relies on Water to maintain life. The glass pots represent Metal. Attach a red ribbon to express the Fire element.

    To use the lucky bamboo as a feng shui cure for wealth, you should buy one with 8 stalks.


    Water is an ancient symbol of wealth, and can be featured by an actual fountain, in the foyer area or just outside the front door.

    If a fountain is not practical, use images of flowing water, such as waterfalls, seas, rivers, lakes, or even a mirror.

    Fish and aquariums

    The Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for “extra”, and fish live in water, so an aquarium is a powerful wealth attractor. As with fountains, if an aquarium is not convenient then use pictures or figures of fish.

    Crystals and money

    Display citrine crystals and pyrite on a feng shui gem tree in your money corner, or figures carved from them. Chinese coins, with a hole in the centre, can hang almost anywhere.

    Money Plant

    The most popular money plant is the succulent “jade tree” (Crassula ovata). It's best to have a pair of them, one at the front door to bring the money in, and one at the back door to stop it going away.

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