Buying A Car At A Good Price

19:20' 23-11-2017
There are tactics for selling a car that no car dealer wants to disclose. In order to buy a car for the best price, you should prepare yourself in advance.

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    Research carefully

    Make sure you carefully research the car you want to buy, including all vehicle options, price, colour, engine parameters, and the size of the cabin and interior.

    Many car salesmen are new employees, or have to sell multiple vehicles at the same time, so they cannot remember every detail of each car. If you show that you know more about the car you want than salespeople do, you immediately have an advantage.

    In addition to knowledge, confidence is the key to success in every negotiation. Keep your head high, ask for a cup of coffee, and be comfortable when talking to the sales person.

    Negotiate with the manager

    The salespeople are only intermediaries between customers and the agent manager. Whenever possible, ask to meet the manager directly, as this is the person who can quickly decide discounts without wasting too much of your time.

    They can also provide more useful information if you intend to buy another car in the future.

    Avoid additional warranty

    Most cars come with a standard warranty package, and you very rarely have to use additional warranty packages, if ever.

    Most car agencies charge between $2,000 and $5,000 for warranty packages, or they discount the packages to convince customers to buy more. The discounted price only benefits the dealers, not you.

    Additional features

    Additional features in a car are tools to help car dealers make a profit. Useful options, such as Bluetooth or a sunroof, are standard features in many vehicles.

    Some of the additional features, such as seat coolers or heated steering wheels, are very expensive and rarely used. Don't let the dealers fool you with features you will not need.

    Many manufacturers and dealers offer discounts on models with fewer feature options, because the demand is lower. Consider these models if you want the lowest possible price.

    Pay less than you can afford

    At first, most car dealers will ask you what you want to spend on your car. This is the easiest way for salespeople to understand your needs and guide you in the direction that benefits them.

    It's best for you to answer in a vague and unclear way. For example, ask what is the best price for this car model now, or ask to see the prices on offer first.

    If you say how much you are willing to pay, the seller will surely guide you to that price. If you must name a price, look for an ad and name a price that is 10% to 20% lower than the one advertised.

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