Buying Glasses Online Can Be Bad For Your Eyes

15:01' 27-07-2017
Optometry Australia, the not-for-profit organisation representing about 90% of Australian optometrists, warns people who buy prescription glasses online could be putting their eye health at risk.

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    In a recent media release, Optometry Australia quoted a UK study which found that “of the glasses deemed unacceptable and unsafe to protecting eye health, significantly more were bought online”. The study also found that 79% of participants planned to purchase their next pair of glasses from an optometrist, even though online purchase was cheaper and more convenient.

    The most common complaint about online glasses was that they did not fit properly.

    Simon Hanna, a resident optometrist at Optometry Australia, says you need to try glasses on before you buy, as not all frame shapes suit every face shape. Also, online prescription glasses use estimated fitting heights or patient-calculated measurements.

    “Not only does an optometrist work with the precise measurements, they also know how your prescription strength and weight of your lenses contribute to whether your glasses will be comfortable and look good,” Mr Hanna said.

    People who purchase online may also be using old scripts to re-order glasses. But, Mr Hanna warns, between the ages of 45 and 65 your prescription is likely to change significantly every few years. “Using an inaccurate prescription will only compromise your vision and quality of life.”

    Also, without regular eye check-ups, you miss the chance for early detection and treatment of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts.

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