Changing Career In Middle Age

18:37' 20-06-2018
It isnt too difficult changing careers when you’re young, because you’ve probably spent less than ten years in one job. The challenge is greater when youre over 30, and increases with each passing decade.

    How to change careers at 30, 40, 50+


    Whether you just want a change in your life, or are forced to make a change because your industry has downsized or even collapsed, the challenge is the same. If this is your situation, the following advice from might help.


    Starting again in a new job can be expensive. You might have to relocate, invest in special training or new equipment, or start at a lower salary level. Make sure you have put some money aside in advance, creating a financial buffer to support you.


    Don't think negatively about your age. Focus on experience from your previous career, life experience, and transferable skills you have acquired. Let employers know that, despite your age, you are ready to make a new start, showing you are adaptable and not afraid of a challenge.


    Compare your experience with what an employer needs for a particular role. Look at the skills or knowledge you already have, and identify any gaps that have to be filled. Then seek out ways to fill those gaps from extra training or volunteer work.


    It’s easy to be afraid at taking on something new, but this mainly fear of the unknown. Get around this by contacting people in the industry or role where you want to find work. Ask them about their work, and as you become more familiar with the details, you will find it easier to imagine yourself in such a position.

    Always remember, most people get a better impression from a positive and enthusiastic personality than they do from qualifications and experiences.

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