Choosing Your Christmas Tree

19:25' 12-12-2017
The highlight of your living room at Christmas time is the tree. Whether you choose an artificial tree or a natural one, you need to consider how it will fit suitably in the space you have set aside for it.

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    My Christmas, at 347 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, is a store specialising in Christmas decorations and equipment, open on weekdays from 9.30am to 7pm, and weekends from 9.30am to 5pm. They point out several things to take into account when you choose a tree.



    You must do some measuring before you go shopping. First measure the height of your ceiling.

    Consider the height of your ceilings. A minimum distance between the top of the tree and The average ceiling height in Australia is 2.4m, or as high as 3m in older homes. The distance between the top of the tree and the ceiling should be at least 15cm.


    You must take into account any large furniture near the corner where you are placing the tree. If the space is narrow, you should choose a slim tree. You can save some space by leaving out a couple of the branches from the back of the tree. Remove the branches only from the bottom 2 or 3 rows, to keep the tree balanced.


    An open style of tree gives you the widest range of options for hanging Christmas decorations. Most people will notice the decorations rather than the tree, so don't worry too much about the style.

    However, trees come in many shapes and styles, so first consider what shape looks best in your living room. One method is to take a photo of the space where the tree will go, and photoshop different styles of tree into the photo.

    If you buy a natural tree, check it carefully to make sure it is free of insects. Before you set it up, round off any sharp ends of branches.

    For advice or to buy Christmas decorations, phone My Christmas on 1300 551 960, or email

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