Christmas Traditions In Other Countries

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Christmas in Australia falls in summer, so it is often celebrated by an outdoor barbecue, maybe at the beach or in a park. However, every country has its own special feature to add to the traditional Christmas practice.

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    Germany and Austria

    Santa Claus has an evil friend called Krampus, a horned monster dressed in rags who punishes children who have misbehaved. Naughty children get a bunch of twigs instead of presents. In Munich, someone dressed as Krampus hangs around the markets to scare passers-by.


    Christmas in Russia is celebrated on 6 January. Between 31 December and 6 January, Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snowflake visit New Year events to bring children bags filled with fruit and chocolate, in exchange for a Christmas poem or rhyme.

    Puerto Rico

    In the town of Hatillo men dress up as King Herod’s soldiers on 28 December (Holy Innocents Day) and kidnap children for a joke. You have to give the soldiers sweets to get the children back.

    South Africa

    Traditional Christmas food is turkey and ham, but South Africans also enjoy a bowl of deep-fried Emperor moth caterpillars. It is said they taste a little like tea.


    People in the capital Caracas go to church every day from 16 December to 24 December. While this is not unusual, many people like to go to church on roller skates.


    In many households, an extra place at the dinner table is set on Christmas Eve for family members who are deceased, so they can join the festivities from the afterlife.


    The oldest man in the household throws spoonfuls of pancake dough at the ceiling on Christmas Eve. The more of the mixture that sticks, the richer the household will be in the new year.


    Every house is swept as clean as possible, then the dirt is carried to the town centre and piled up. An effigy of the devil is put on top the large pile and burned.


    Instead of lights and tinsel, Ukrainians decorate Christmas trees with decorations like spider webs. This is based on a story about a poor woman whose children were unhappy because their Christmas tree was bare. The spiders felt sorry for them, so they decorated the tree with their webs overnight.


    On the Saturday before Christmas Eve, Filipinos hold the Giant Lantern Festival in the city of San Fernando. Eleven villages compete to build the biggest and most elaborate lanterns, some of them over 20 feet in diameter.

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