Climbing Stairs Is Better Than Coffee

19:49' 09-11-2017
According to the Daily Mail, many people drink coffee in the morning to give themselves a pleasant mood, but there is a more effective way to achieve that goal.

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    A new study by scientists at the University of Georgia in the US showed that going up and down stairs for 10 minutes helps energise us much better than taking caffeinated drinks.

    The research team studied 18 college women, 18-23 years of age, who suffered from chronic sleep deprivation. They slept less than 6.5 hours a day. On different days, they were given caffeine-containing capsules or placebos, or slowly went up and down stairs in 10 minutes. They went up and down about 30 floors in total.

    The participants also did cognitive tests and answered questions to assess their health status. The finding revealed that after climbing the stairs, they felt happier than after taking the caffeine-containing capsules. Exercises and caffeine do not actually affect memory and concentration. However, the better mood from walking up and down the stairs increased their motivation for working.

    On the basis of this study, researcher Professor Patrick O'Connor advised office workers who had little time, and had to sit for long periods staring at computer screens, to go up and down the stairs to enhance their health and improve work performance.

    Similar studies, carried out by the McMaster University in Ontario Canada and the University of Birmingham in the UK, among others, also found evidence that climbing stairs in short bursts was a boost to health and mood.

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