Co Thu Quan Has Flavour All Wrapped Up

15:25' 07-05-2018
Vietnamese cuisine is highly regarded for its variety of flavours and textures.



    Here you will find the noodle, rice and soup based dishes common throughout Asia, but with Vietnam's own distinctive treatment. Vietnamese cuisine is as broad and diverse as any Asian cuisine, but it could be said it specialises in combining delicate flavours in a harmonious way to please the palate.

    A famous feature of this cuisine is the banh mi, a tasty filling (usually chicken and salad) in a crusty bread roll. The banh mi is one of the best examples of combining Asian and Western cuisine. Vietnamese chefs have taken the traditional French bread roll, or baguette, and made a signature dish out of it.

    Just as popular, and convenient as a fast food, is to wrap the filling in a thin pastry of rice flour. To the unfamiliar eye it might resemble an uncooked spring roll. However, as there is no need to fry it, the Vietnamese wrap gives you all the flavours of the filling without drowning them out from the taste of oil.

    Co Thu Quan, called Street Wrap in English, is a Vietnamese eatery with both fusion and authentic flavours. Their rolls and wraps, with half a dozen or more different fillings to choose from, are spiced up for a modern twist, but remain true to the flavours of Vietnam. Co Thu Quan also provides the traditional Vietnamese soup, pho.

    Street Wrap meets all catering needs, from office lunches to parties. You can order by email, allowing at least 48 hours notice for orders. Orders for Monday should be made by 1pm the previous Thursday.

    All orders can be picked up for free at the store, while orders over $150 are delivered free within a 5km radius. Delivery requests for orders below $150 and more than 5km will incur an additional fee.

    For details and ordering, please email





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