Cockle Shirataki

20:21' 22-11-2017
Shirataki are translucent noodles made from the konjac yam. They are much lower in calories than any other kind of noodle.


    They can be used like noodles, or chopped up into small pieces to resemble rice, as in this recipe. You can buy them packaged in both forms.

    As shirataki has no strong flavour by itself, you can combine it with almost anything in different dishes.

    This will make a tasty seafood shirataki dish for one person, with less than 15 minutes of preparation and cooking.


    • 150g Shirataki rice

    • 40g cockles

    • Sliced red pepper

    • 2 asparagus spears

    • 1 tsp curry powder

    • 2 tsp soy sauce


    • Boil the Shirataki rice in water for about a minute, then drain.

    • Chop the vegetables and mix them with the rice.

    • Mix in the cockles and curry powder.

    • Fry for several minutes.

    • Add the soy sauce and serve.

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