Common Mistakes When Storing Clothes

19:46' 07-12-2017
Sometimes your favourite or more expensive clothes are damaged or look old because you have not stored them in the wardrobe properly. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your clothes in best condition.

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    • If dresses and skirts are long enough to touch the floor, hang them from a bar. This way you will not have to iron them very often. Don't use old wooden hangers, because they can tear delicate fabric.

    • Put heavy fur coats and leather jackets on solid hangers of the right size. Choose hangers according to clothing size, type and thickness.

    • Putting too many clothes on one hanger will not give you more space in the wardrobe. Instead, you will ruin your clothes. To hang more than one item, use a hanger with several levels.

    • Hanging knitted and woollen clothes on hangers will make them become loose and lose their shape. It is best to store soft fluffy sweaters on shelves. Moreover, they should be kept on a separate shelf, instead of having something on top of them.

    • Do not hang clothes too close together, because they will not be able to “breathe” and will wrinkle.

    • When hanging clothes, do not forget to button or zip them up. This will help your clothes keep their shape.

    • Before storing clothes in the wardrobe, make sure to have them cleaned and dried, even if you only wore them once or twice.

    • If you fold your bras in half, they will lose their shape and do a poor job of supporting the breasts. Arrange your bras so that the cup of one bra sits by the same cup of the next one.

    • Hanging trousers on a hanger with clips will mark your trousers. It's better to use a hanger that clips the entire length.

    • Vacuum packaging bags have become very popular when people want to store items without taking up a lot of space. However, this storage method is bad for fur and genuine leather clothes, because they will “suffocate” without an oxygen supply and have a bad smell. The outer parts of genuine leather clothes will become sticky, and furs will be broken and damaged.


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