Common Mistakes Women Make With Underwear

18:12' 29-03-2018
Choosing the right lingerie not only helps your body shape look better, but also affects your health and skin.


    Lacy underwear

    Do not wear lacy underwear under tight pants or slim turtlenecks with bright colours. This can give the fabric a certain roughness, and even let people know what kind of bra you are wearing. Choose smooth seamless bras or wireless bras.

    Lingerie sets usually have the same designs, colours and materials, so they will match each other perfectly. That will make you look more elegant and comfortable.


    Many women prefer wearing thongs because they look great and are invisible under clothes. However, they are usually made of synthetic fabrics that can irritate sensitive skin and cause bacterial growth and irritation in some areas. Avoid wearing thongs every day, or at least try to change to more comfortable styles from time to time.


    Because they want to look like magazine cover models, many women choose shapewear of a smaller size. This is adversely affects your health, by causing the blood flow to be disrupted. Buy shapewear of the right size, and only wear them less than 6 hours a day.


    Some women choose smaller sized bras to give the effect of bigger breasts. It is important to know that bras which are too big can cause back and spine problems, while ones that are too small can disrupt the blood flow. To make your breasts look bigger, use a breast enlargement bra.

    Taking off your bra at home to give your breasts a rest is only advised for those with smaller breast sizes. Otherwise, it can make your breasts sag. Sports bras are a good substitute, as they are comfortable, support your breasts, and let your skin breathe.

    Wearing a black bra under a white blouse used to be a top trend, but this kind of mismatch is not popular now. Choose nude underwear when wearing bright coloured clothes.


    Clothes made of 100% cotton are very comfortable and safety for health, but the disadvantage is that they stretch very quickly and tear. For underwear fabric, choose 80% cotton and 20% elastane.

    Body shape

    If you have a pear body shape, wear simple shorts or lace shorts to give shape to your buttocks. Women with an hourglass body shape are better off with high-waisted panties. If you have short legs, wear string bikini panties instead of boxers and shorts.

    Phung Nguyen


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