Common Threats To Male Fertility

17:06' 15-08-2018
Male fertility mostly depends on the sperm count, and this can be affected by many factors, such as stress, chemicals and pesticides.

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    Even if you are not subject to these things, there are other threats to men's reproductive health which are rarely heeded.


    Any alcoholic beverage can lower testosterone levels, thereby negatively affecting both the quality and quantity of sperm. Alcohol can also reduce the sexual desire, or libido, even leading to impotence. Fortunately, the effects of alcohol on fertility will soon disappear if you stop consuming it.

    Mobile phones

    A study published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine found that carrying mobile phones in trouser pockets can “cook” sperm, due to their high heat and electromagnetic fields.

    Lack of sleep

    A study in the journal Fertility & Sterility reported that men who sleep for less than six hours a night have a 31% lower chance of helping their partner conceive, compared to men who get 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping too much can be just as bad, because sleeping for nine hours or more also reduces the opportunity to become a father.

    Soaking in hot water

    According to researchers from the University of California in USA, cool temperatures create the ideal conditions for sperm production. If testicles are overheated by hot bathwater, the sperm count will go down.

    Processed meat

    Smoked meat is many men’s favourite, but it poses a variety of risks to reproductive health. It is better to eat more poultry. Statistics show that men who regularly consume poultry are 13% more likely to help their partner conceive than those who rarely eat it.

    Hot car seats

    Modern cars are equipped with seat heating for comfort, but this feature is bad news for sperm. A study by the University of Giessen in Germany shows that the seat can increase the temperature of men's genitals by 3º C, thereby causing significant damage to sperm.

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