Cosmetic Products You Don't Need To Buy

16:44' 04-06-2018
There are many products on the market offered as beauty aids, but in fact, some are a wasteful investment.

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    Full colour eye shadow palettes

    Although full colour eye shadow palettes with between 100 to 200 colour shades sound like they will save you money, you will not be able to use all the colours. Also, if you are not good at doing makeup, you will have difficulty combining colours

    Professional makeup brush sets

    Unless you are a trained makeup artist, you don't need a professional makeup brush set. You really only need five brushes: for applying foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher and powder.

    Body scrubs

    Body scrubs are very useful, but you can simply make your own with a little brown sugar or coffee grounds and olive oil.

    Anti-aging wrinkle creams

    Deep wrinkles can only be removed by cosmetic intervention, such as lifting muscles, stretching the skin, having Botox injections, etc. Anti-aging wrinkle creams do not really work as advertised.

    Bottom-lash mascaras

    You can use mascaras for both top and bottom lashes. It is not necessary to invest in an extra product just for the bottom.

    Under-eye dark circle removal creams

    Eyes creams for dark circles are very effective. Dark circles can be removed if you get enough sleep, or provide your body with enough nutrients. If they are a natural feature of your body, you need to consult a cosmetic treatment centre.

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