Counting The Costs Of Car Buying

14:39' 12-09-2018
Whether for work or study, a car saves us time in the long run. To save money, the first choice is often a used car. However, a common mistake is to look for the best deal when buying the car, but not to think of the expenses that come later.

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    Do your research

    Look at online markets such as, and note the cars that look like good buys for their age. Check online forums to find out what people say about each make and model. It might have a particular fault as it gets older, or it is hard to find spare parts.

    Check the history

    If you’re buying from a private seller, check the vehicle identification number (VIN) first, to make sure the car has not been stolen or damaged. The VIN is on a small plate, usually under the bonnet. You can check the VIN for a small fee at, or through the Australian Government at

    Examine the car

    • If possible, take a friend who knows a lot about cars when you go to see the car.

    • Look closely at the paintwork for signs it might be hiding rust or some other fault.

    • Look at the ground underneath the car, and anywhere it might might have been parked, for signs of leaks.

    • If the nuts and bolts in an old car are shiny and new, that could mean the car has been in an accident, leaving it with weak spots.

    • Don't play the radio when you test drive the car, so you can clearly hear the engine sound.

    RACV Inspection

    Get the car inspected by an RACV licensed mechanic before you buy. Honest sellers will usually agree to this, but at your expense, of course. The expense is worth it if the inspection reveals problems. You can use this information to negotiate a lower price.


    Every state has its own regulations for registration, insurance and roadworthiness. In Victoria, visit for the full information.

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