Dental Service Puts A Smile On Your Face

18:35' 19-04-2018
There are three problems you might face when you visit the dentist: pain, expense, and children.

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    The last of these is probably the hardest to manage. When even grown adults are afraid to walk through the door of the dental clinic, it is not surprising that the thought of it can terrify a child.

    However, the four dentists at Smart Choice Dental, in Maidstone, combine their technical skills with an ability to relate well to children. Smart Choice Dental can rightly say that it is committed to providing quality, affordable dental care for the whole family, and to make the visit a positive experience for everyone.

    The four dentists all have their own specialisations. Emily Davies is specifically trained to deal with dental issues for babies, children and youth up to age 25. Mark Suniga is the one for deep cleaning, while Jessica Elliot-Sutton is certified in Zoom Teeth Whitening. Michael Popp is a dual qualified Hygienist and Oral Health Therapist, with some skill in Vietnamese language.

    Part of the clinic's oral care treatment is in teeth alignment and tooth whitening. For alignment, they use Invisalign, instead of visible braces. The smooth, custom-fitted trays guide your teeth in a more comfortable way than traditional orthodontic treatment. Short, 10-minute appointments are all you need, and all four dentists are certified to fit Invisalign.

    For whitening and removing stains, the clinic uses ZOOM Tooth Whitening, one of the world’s leading teeth whitening solutions. The treatment can produce you dramatic results in around an hour.

    Not only are they quick, but almost painless, thanks to a fairly new dental tool called The Wand. A computerised device, the Wand administers the anaesthetic slowly, and warms it first. The other benefit, however, is that it only numbs the tooth the dentist is working on.

    All of this adds up to greater comfort for the patient, but it is not the only bonus. Although most dentists charge for the use of the Wand, Smart Choice Dental provide the service free.

    Located at 6/44 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone, Smart Choice Dental is convenient for people with dental treatment needs in Braybrook, Sunshine North, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, Cairnlea, Tottenham and surrounding suburbs.

    For more details, phone 9317 3144 or visit their website at

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