Disguising Thick Legs And A Heavy Build

19:26' 24-07-2018
Some day you may gain weight for a number of uncontrollable reasons, such as habitat changes, medication or pregnancy. Despite weight gain for any reason, you can disguise it by following the right fashion rules.

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    To make your legs look longer and slimmer when wearing a skirt, wear a pair of shoes that are closest to your skin colour. When wearing pants, choose shoes with a colour that matches the pants. This will help your legs look a few centimetres longer. Do not use ankle strap shoes, because they will make your legs look bigger.

    Tight or loose clothes

    Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too loose. Too tight clothes will show up a large body, while too loose ones can make you look heavier.

    Straight back

    A beautiful posture will make you look more attractive, and also make your waist look smaller. Standing with a bent back not only makes your shoulders look bigger and your back look shorter, it also badly affects your health.

    Appropriate materials

    Do not wear clothes made of rough materials. To hide body blemishes, choose clothes made of soft fabrics.


    Bulky scarves and turtleneck sweaters make your build look heavier. You should choose thin scarves, and round or V-shaped collars. When wearing a shirt, undo 2-3 buttons at the top to make you look elegant.

    Problematic body parts

    The mistake many people make is to try to hide their body blemishes with too many layers of fabric. However, this only draws people's attention to the blemishes. For example, if you have wide hips, do not wear jeans with oversized pockets or any patterns on these parts.


    Shapewear is a miraculous weapon to help you look slimmer. It will quickly “flatten” your stomach and firm the hips to form an S-shaped body. However, you should not wear shapewear too often, because this crush your organs, affect your circulation, and cause acid reflux.

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