Drinks For Rehydration After You Get Drunk

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Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, and this leads to the feeling of a hangover. To prevent or at least reduce this uncomfortable feeling, you need to drink the right things to rehydrate your body.

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    It is commonly believed that coffee is the best cure. This is not correct, because caffeinated beverages such as coffee can cause your body to lose more water. Caffeine also narrows blood vessels, increases blood pressure and makes your cough become severe.

    Also, do not drink carbonated drinks. They increase pressure on the stomach, which can cause nausea.


    Dehydration caused by alcohol should be addressed immediately if you want to sober up. The simple way to rehydrate your body is to drink plenty of water after waking up. The digestive system helps you replace the lost fluids without stomach irritation.

    Drinking water before going to bed can also help. Leave a cup of water next to your bed, so that you can drink it at night when you wake up with a dry throat.

    Isotonic sports drinks

    Isotonic drinks contain carbohydrates that release energy slowly, helping you stay alert, so they are a way to replace lost fluids and provide the body with energy.

    Look for drinks containing electrolytes that you need to replace when you are dehydrated. If you suffer from severe dehydration, seek a specific water reabsorption solution. They have formulas for dehydration, unlike most sports drinks.

    Fruit juices

    Vitamins and minerals will help you recover fast. Fruit juices generally have high levels of fructose, which affects your body's energy and liver functions. They are also often high in vitamin C, which is easily lost when you urinate a lot. Tomato juice, orange juice and coconut water are good options.

    Ginger tea

    Ginger tea helps relieve nausea and vomiting. Boil about four cups of water with 10-12 pieces of fresh ginger, then add the juice of an orange, half a lemon, and half a cup of honey. This mixture can detoxify your body by stabilising blood sugar levels.

    Drink throughout the day

    There is no limit to the number of these drinks you can have throughout the day to sober up. Drink water, fruit juice or isotonic drinks throughout the day to replenish the liquid, vitamins and nutrients that are lost when you get drunk.

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