Drinks To Avoid Right After Waking

14:28' 24-04-2018
Although drinking after waking up is good for health and digestion, not every kind of drink is good for you at that time.

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    Tea left out overnight

    The nutrients in tea steeped for too long, such as vitamins and polyphenols, lose much of their nutritional value. This will affect your digestive system badly if you drink it.

    Soft drinks

    Soft drinks speed up the excretion of calcium in the metabolism, making you feel more thirsty. Moreover, they also increase your appetite, making you want to eat more.


    Drinking coffee first thing in the morning does not help you become alert, and causes irritable bowel syndrome. You should only drink coffee after your breakfast meal.

    Fruit juice

    Drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach will irritate your gastrointestinal tract and cause disturbed digestion. This drink also should only be drunk after breakfast.

    Honey and lemon water

    Drinking honey and lemon water in the morning has many health benefits, but it should not be taken right after waking up. The large amounts of fructose and glucose in honey cause high blood sugar. This decreases your appetite, and badly affects the absorption of nutrients from breakfast meals. You should only have this drink about 10 minutes after drinking a glass of warm water.

    Diluted salt water

    Some people drink diluted salt water in the mornings to relieve constipation, but in the long term it will affect your blood pressure. This is because blood pressure is usually higher in the morning than later in the day. A high sodium intake from salt can raise blood pressure.

    The best choice

    The best drink to have just after you wake up is warm water. It helps soothe the stomach, rehydrates the body, and enhances the metabolism. You will be better able to take in nutrients from your breakfast, and avoid dyspepsia.

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