Drivers With Disabilities To Pay Less Rego

19:08' 24-10-2017
Wheelchair users who have had their vehicles significantly modified to allow them to drive will be granted a cut in the cost of registration.

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    Drivers with a disability will now be able to apply for a 100% concession on their vehicle registration fee. For many of the 2,500 Victorians in this situation, that will mean a saving of up to $290.40 each year.

    Eligible vehicles must be fitted with hand controls for accelerating and braking, and have undergone a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme report stating the vehicle has been significantly modified.

    Drivers seeking the concession will also need to provide a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme certification to VicRoads before the register their vehicle. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) charge will still apply.

    Director of Spinal Cure, Gary Allsop, said the discount will help ease the financial burden on wheelchair users, and also help them to maintain their independence and mobility.

    “This change is long overdue and will make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of Victorians living with a disability,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan.

    Eligible disabled drivers will continue to be able to access the motor vehicle duty rebate available through the State Revenue Office.

    Concessions already available for registered operators of vehicles modified to carry a passenger occupying a wheelchair will continue to apply.

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