Eating Habits That Increase Cancer Risk

18:34' 05-09-2017
There are many causes of cancer, but less than 10% of them are due to disorders in the body. Over 80% of the remainder are related to environmental factors, including 35% caused by your diet.

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    The following three eating habits, that many people have, can increase the risk of cancer.

    Grilled foods

    Grilled foods contain compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCAs). They are produced more when foods are grilled for a long time and burnt. Once this compound builds up in the body, the risk of cancer becomes very high.

    In addition, burnt fat from grilled meat, absorbed into charcoal, causes smoke to cling to the food. The delicious smell of barbecue smoke is caused by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), substances that can damage DNA in the body and cause cancer.

    Consequently, eating less barbecue foods is an important way to avoid this scary disease.

    Foods left overnight

    Foods left overnight often produce nitrites. After being taken into the stomach, they will form the nitrosamine compound. The tong-term accumulation of nitrosamine in the liver can cause toxicity and cancer.

    The longer you stored foods in the refrigerator, the faster the nitrite content increases. Warming foods cannot reduce this dangerous compound.

    Therefore, it is best that you cook enough food for your needs, and give up the habit of reusing food stored overnight.

    Fruit and vegetables

    One of the causes of cancer is that many people are too lazy to eat vegetables and fruits. Nutrients in fruits and vegetables have the effect of eliminating toxic substances accumulated in the body, thereby significantly reducing the risk of cancer.

    In particular, when passing through the intestine, the fibre in fruit and vegetables stimulates the expansion and contraction of gut motility. This helps remove cancer causing substances and harmful bacteria, effectively preventing colon cancer.

    For this reason, health experts always advise that just eating 500g of vegetables a day can help you greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

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