Eating Late At Night Without Weight Gain

23:17' 06-02-2018
Eating late at night can cause your weight to increase. This can be prevented by taking some simple steps.

    Eating Late Night Meals May Make You Gain Weight


    Eat enough carbs

    One reason you might feel hungry late at night is that you eat too little at dinner. If this happens often, remember to eat enough carbs at dinner. This will minimise the amount of food you consume in the evening.

    Eat in moderation

    Supper is just another snack in the day for “night owls”. If this is your habit, do not eat as much as you want. Your stomach will quickly become weak and suffer from illness if it does not rest at night. If your body takes in too much food while the stomach is working slowly, fat will easily accumulate. It is best to eat a little food, or simply drink a glass of warm milk. This makes your stomach feel full, and sleep is easier.

    Do not go to bed right after eating

    Going to bed right after eating is an extremely harmful habit. Sleeping immediately after eating increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, heartburn, weight gain, obesity, etc.

    When you sleep, the body organs begin to work less and fall into a state of rest, but the food you just ate needs to be digested immediately. At this time, not enough blood is pumped to the stomach, overworking it. The undigested food accumulates in the stomach and easily generates harmful bacteria. 

    You should remember to eat about an hour before bedtime for the food to be digested.

    Choose the right food

    Night time is the time for the body to rest, so if you want to eat late at night, you also need to choose the appropriate and digestible food. Avoid hard-to-digest foods such as fried food, legumes, meats, starchy food, sticky rice, corn, and sweet potatoes. Choose foods like fish, boiled eggs, green vegetables, bananas, sugar free milk, and honey mixed with warm water, that are digestible and better for health.

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