Eight Warning Signs You Need To Exercise

19:48' 09-08-2017
If you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, or are often tired or depressed, these are signs you are not getting enough exercise.

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    Trouble waking

    Feeling tired when you are waking up may be because your body does not consume all of your energy in daytime activities, badly affecting nighttime sleep. To feel better in the morning, take light exercise to burn off excess energy.

    Bored or depressed

    If you often feel bored and depressed for no specific reason, you should exercise. When exercising, your body produces the hormone endorphin, making you feel better.

    Easily injured

    If you are prone to twist your ankles or suffer from muscle strain when you have to walk for a long time, this is a signal that you are not getting enough exercise.

    Feeling lazy

    When you don't want to do anything, including things you love like walking a dog or going to a supermarket, find a dance sport or aerobic class to recharge yourself.

    Craving fast food

    Feeling tired makes you crave foods that are rich in sugar and starch. With exercise, you will gradually get rid of this habit.

    Balance difficulty

    Try standing on one leg and keeping your balance for 15 seconds. If you can't pass this test, you  need to exercise.

    Body aches

    Lack of exercise causes the body to be weakened, making you often suffer from headaches, back pain or muscle aches.

    No interest in exercise

    The less interest you have in exercising, the more you should force yourself to do it on a fixed schedule. This way, your body will gradually adapt and find inspiration.

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