Email Hacking Scam Targets Real Estate

19:37' 23-07-2018
Consumer Affairs Victoria has warned of a hacking scam targeting the email accounts of the real estate, conveyancing and building industries. It has also affected law firms managing trust accounts.

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    The scam works very subtly, and affects both customers and businesses. A client receives an email from the business they were dealing with, that includes details of an account to make a payment to. Shortly afterwards, the client receives a second email from the same email address, telling them the business has updated their account details, and asks them to pay into a new account.

    Consumer Affairs has also had reports of businesses that paid money into a fake account, after receiving an email they thought was from their client or client representative.

    This scam was reported late last year in Adelaide, and earlier this year in Victoria. A few weeks ago Queensland firm Monkey Conveyancing reported a similar scam. The scam “usually appears as an inquiry from our website”, according to the firm's blog.

    Both consumers and businesses should be very suspicious if they receive a second email for payment into a new account, and contact the supposed sender of the email to check its legitimacy.

    Always confirm account details over the phone, or if possible, visit the business personally.

    Businesses can protect its customers by setting up a verification process requiring a user to provide more than one type of proof before they can access an account.

    If you suspect you are the victim of such a scam, change your password and contact your bank.

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