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17:30' 21-01-2019
Australia is famous for its beaches, and every summer attracts tourists and locals alike to enjoy a day in the sun with friends. However, our beaches are not free of danger, and sadly, the fun often turns to tragedy. Nearly 30 people drowned at Australian beaches in December, in accidents that could easily have been avoided.

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    It is especially concerning that people born overseas make up 30-40% of drowning statistics, probably because they are not as familiar with beach water conditions as Australians.

    To understand beach safety,you should observe a few simple rules.

    • Choose the right beach to match your interests. Some beaches are better for surfing, with larger waves, while others are calmer and more sheltered.
    • Check weatherconditions on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website.
    • Never dive into the water without checking the depth.
    • Be aware of “rips”, powerful water currents that can carry you away from the shore very quickly, and are often very hard to see.
    • Always swim at a beachpatrolled by lifeguards. These beaches will also have red and yellow flags showing which area is safe for swimming.
    • Never swim at a beach alone, and avoid swimming at night.
    • Check out the Beachsafe website at beachsafe.org.au for information and advice.There is also a Beachsafe App available for download.

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