Etiquette Is Mostly About Respect

16:48' 28-05-2018
Nowadays many people consider etiquette, or good manners at the dinner table, is an old-fashioned idea. They think it doesnt suit modern day people, because it is based on differences in social ranking and has nothing to do with equality.


    However, most rules of etiquette are based on respect and courtesy towards the people you dine with. When people follow the same rules, they feel more comfortable with each other.

    If you follow these simple rules, you’ll feel confident at any event and other people will form a good impression of you.

    • If there is no seating plan, wait until the host or a servant shows you to a seat.

    • Men should move the chairs out for ladies, and let them sit first.

    • If you are late, apologise and join the conversation, without going into detail about why you are late.

    • If you can’t eat or drink certain some things because of your diet or medical condition, don’t tell everyone about it, just avoid those foods.

    • Don't use toothpicks, make up, or fix your hair at the dinner table.

    • If you accidentally drop a fork or spoon, ask a waiter or the host for a new one.

    • Once you start using cutlery, you can only place it on the side of your plate, not on the tablecloth.

    • Cut your meal one piece at a time, and eat that piece before cutting another piece.

    • Hold a fork with the prongs pointing down, not like a spoon, except for soft food like mashed potatoes.

    • Hold knives and forks with your index finger along the handle. Don't grip with your whole hand, as with a club.

    • Always pass a fork or a knife with the handle pointing toward the other person.

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