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14:48' 25-01-2017
Buying a used car is a challenge for everyone, but it can be even more difficult for migrants. Even if there is no language problem, people who grew up in another country will find that some things are done differently in Australia. Its very easy for others to cheat them, or give them the idea that there is nothing they can do.

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    The NSW government's Fair Trading website was set up to help all consumers get the best deal. It now has information in 27 community languages to help migrants understand what their rights are. Some of the information is presented in videos in 11 of these languages, including some African and Middle Eastern languages as well as Asian languages like Mandarin, Vietnamese and Tamil.

    The topics include shopping rights, getting refunds, guarantees and warranties, lay-by agreements, contracts, and lodging complaints. Some of these are consumer protection rights which might not exist in the migrant's original country. That means a newcomer to Australia, whether they are a migrant, refugee, or a student, will often not know that they have these rights in Australia.

    Buying a used car, for example, is often one of the first things that a newly arrived migrant needs to do. Driving your own car is vital for most jobs. But it is more likely they will first go for a second-hand car, bought privately to keep the price down. The Fair Trading has a video in six languages about buying cars.

    Tenancy and rental agreements were another area where migrants could become confused about their rights. Buying on credit, digital media scams, and door-knocking salespeople were issues too.

    In the future, Fair Trading plans to release a video on how to lodge a complaint, and fact sheets on incorporation and strata laws. The department also hopes to add more pages in different languages to its website by next year.

    Specific consumer laws vary slightly from state to state, so not all the information on the NSW site may apply to Victorians. However, much of it will be helpful, and it is better to know something than to know nothing. In time, perhaps the Victorian government will follow the NSW initiative.

    The site, which is very easy to use, is at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.

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