False Rumours Limit Your Job Seeking Chances

22:13' 05-02-2018
There are many rumours about the job seeking process, repeated so often that people believe they are true. This seriously limits their chances of finding the right work.

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    On the career website Seek, Six Degrees Executive CEO Paul Hallam lists some of the major rumours, and gives the true facts.

    Every job is advertised

    Managers and recruiters use different methods to hire people in the digital age. Some jobs are not advertised, as employers rely on employee networks and online career profile sites to find the right candidate for a position.

    Hallam advises job seekers to “build your online presence and find out about openings before they become known to the public”. Join a company's Facebook community and keep your online career profiles up to date.

    Apply for more jobs

    Applying for as many jobs as possible, hoping for the best, is not s good strategy. Make sure your job search is focused and targeted, showing where your experience fits the needs of an organisation.

    Too time-consuming

    Hallam says you only need to spend one day a year to keep your resume and online career presence up-to-date. If you spend one day a year on this, you will be ready to apply for jobs you want, and the jobs might even come to you.

    One page resume

    The advice to limit your resume to one page only is common in America. In Australia, Hallam says, most hiring managers recognise you need more space to get across your skills and achievements. If you’ve been working for 10 years or more, three to four pages is appropriate. Make sure your resume focuses on your recent key responsibilities and achievements.

    Cover letter

    This is not the most important part of your application. Keep your cover letter short, and spend more time getting your resume right. In the cover letter, stick to a couple of paragraphs, explaining why you’re applying for the job and how you fit the position. You might refer briefly to your resume.


    Some people think the interview is “too early” to ask about salary. Most hirers will expect you to have some expectations about salary, super, and any bonuses. It shows you are thinking about the position in a competitive way.

    Answer every question

    You have rights and obligations when it comes to answering interview questions. In Australia, an employer cannot ask you about religion, marital status, or race. You can also refuse to answer questions about age or whether you are planning to have a baby, unless it is relevant to job performance. All questions from the employer should relate to your skills at the job.

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