Fashion Mistakes That Ruin Your Style

19:51' 30-11-2017
If you dont pay attention to some small details, all your efforts to appear stylish can be wasted.




    Bra straps


    Unless you wear a top deliberately designed to show off stylish underwear, make sure your bra straps are invisible. Exposed bra straps make you look less graceful.


    Large handbags are very handy, but choose the right time to use them. They are perfectly suitable when you go to work or go shopping. However, when wearing beautiful and fashionable clothes, choose a small pretty clutch bag to have a perfect appearance.

    Ill-fitting jeans

    You will look very unattractive if you wear a pair of crumpled jeans that is looser than your body. This is because denim is an elastic material, and often stretches out after being washed many times.

    For longer periods of use, choose a slightly smaller pair of jeans, but not a whole size smaller. This will extend the life of your jeans.

    Flat shoes

    Never combine flat shoes with a business suit. Work outfits will look more elegant combined with graceful high heels. Flats can make you look scruffy.

    Loose clothing

    This is only appropriate if you are doing a lot of physical work. At any other time loose clothing will make you look untidy, and will not show off your figure. If you prefer loose clothing, create a balanced layout by mixing loose items with items that fit your body.

    Loose heels

    A pair of high heels of the right size gives you a better and more attractive shape. This is because loose heels will make it difficult to walk, producing an inelegant look.

    Tight T-shirt

    If you wear a tight T-shirt with jeans or shorts, you should tuck it in. Otherwise, it makes your back look longer than it really is. If you don't want to tuck it in, choose a loose one.

    Leggings with shorts

    Denim shorts are summer clothes and do not require accessories. Don't wear them in the winter combined with thick leggings. This just makes you look weird and ugly.

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