Feel Full Longer With Fibre-Rich Fruits

20:23' 02-10-2018
Fibre helps the digestive system work better in many ways.

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    It is a good source of nutrients, it makes you feel full quickly, and encourages you to drink more water to digest it. This removes toxins from the body, cleans the digestive system, and helps prevent excess fat.

    However, fibre is found not only in vegetables but also in most fresh fruits. Although fruit juices are a good source of vitamins, fresh fruit is better for your fibre needs.


    Pomegranates are very high in fibre, so eating them leaves you feeling relaxed and with no sense of hunger during the day. You can put them in the blender and still gain enough benefit from them.

    Kiwi fruit

    A kiwi fruit contains 2.1 grams of fibre and provides up to 8% of the fibre needed for the body. The fibre helps reduce the amount of triglyceride, a type of unhealthy fat in the blood. As a result, eating kiwi fruit helps prevent cardiovascular disease.


    Grapefruit are especially effective at making you feel full longer. Their contents are 68% soluble fibre, helping slow down the release of hunger hormones .


    Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc. all contain about 3 grams of fibre. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin K, which helps increase bone density. On top of that, the manganese content in berries is very high, so they both support bones, lighten the skin and effectively control blood sugar levels.


    Pears contain very high fibre content, especially in the peel. Also, they are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, so they can help support cells, the brain and the nervous system.


    Like pears, apples also contain high levels of fibre in both the flesh and the peel. Many people include apples in their diet to help lose weight more effectively. Apples have a very high water content, so they can make the body feel stable and not very hungry during the day.

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