Feeling At Home With The Right Housemates

15:08' 20-06-2018
For international students and young people in general, it is good economical sense to share a house with others, and can create a comfortable home environment to support study.

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    This is very convenient, but even living with friends can be difficult and lead to arguments. In the 2014 Tenants and Sharers Report, realestate.com.au found 76% of people sharing reported having disagreements with other householders.

    The biggest problem was incompatible personalities, with 69% finding some of their housemates annoying. Sharing the housework (55%), and too much noise (28%) were other major complaints.

    It is easy to let someone into your house, but not so easy to get them out if you don't get on with them. Some questions will help you estimate whether a person is suitable as a housemate.

    First meeting

    When someone comes to your house for the first time, it is best if everyone who lives there is at home to meet them. Everyone will notice different things, which you can discuss afterwards.

    Rental history

    If they have lived in one place for some years, then they are probably stable and reliable. However, if they have moved a lot, you can't be sure how long they will stay. Also, you don't know why they moved so often.

    Work history

    Work history is a personal question, but anyone who can't answer this question clearly, or avoids the question, is probably a bad risk. If they have no regular income, how will they pay their share of the rent?

    Daily life

    The working and living habits of different people will affect each other. Someone who works late at night, or goes out until very late, will not get on well with someone who has to get up very early. If they like loud music, or have friends visit often, this might disturb the peace of the household.


    This is not a common practice in share houses, but it is worth asking. If someone is happy for you to contact their previous housemates, athen they have nothing to hide.

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