Feng Shui Bedroom Taboos

15:21' 16-11-2017
If the bedroom violates one of the following taboos, it may lead to couples separating and the family breaking apart.

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    Many people think that putting some feng shui trees in the bedroom will help them attract money or luck. However, if we place trees in the bedroom, we will accidentally inhale CO2, which is not good for our health. For this reason trees are considered bad elements for the bedroom in feng shui, although in general wood is good in the bedroom.

    Beds under stairs

    This location of bed is extremely bad, and will cause anyone sleeping there to have nightmares, and can expect to be unlucky.


    The best material for a bed is wood. Any style works as long as you have breathing room under the bed. This means that beds with storage drawers built in underneath, and very low beds, should be avoided. Do not choose a bed with a headboard made of iron bars.


    Mattresses play an important role in determining the quality of sleep. You do not need to buy huge mattresses, but choose ones that are a suitable size for your bedroom. Moreover, remember to choose comfortable mattresses so that your body can get the best rest.

    Do not buy used mattresses, this is bad feng shui. The best colours for your bed linens are the so-called skin colours, ranging from pale porcelain to deep chocolate. Black, and very bright colours, are not good.


    The feng shui balance between bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas affects the whole family. You should avoid placing the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen doors opposite each other.

    Placing a bed or bedroom affects a couple's relationship. To live in harmony with each other and maintain happiness, you should have the bedroom door facing southwest if possible.

    Above all, make sure there is good movement of air.

    Phung Nguyen and Yan Yi



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