Feng Shui For The Newlywed Bedroom

20:15' 06-06-2018
A newlyweds bedroom is the space where a newly married couple begin their married life, so decorating it is very important. According to feng shui, their later married life partly depends on the decorations of the newlywed bedroom. So what should we avoid when decorating it?

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    Bedside wall

    The bedside wall is known as a “supporter” in feng shui. Either of the following features will create disadvantages in married life.

    • Many edges in the wall design.

    • The wall is not flat and straight, representing a static state, but curved and distorted, representing an unstable motion.

    Limited colours

    Do not decorate the room in red and white only. Red symbolises the Fire element, and white represents Metal. In feng shui, Fire always overcomes Metal, so if the newlywed bedroom is decorated with only these two colours, it will be difficult for the marriage to last long.

    Sharp objects or weapons

    Sharp objects and weapons often bring bad feng shui energy. When placed in the newlyweds' bedroom, they mean hate, unpleasantness, proneness to injury, and pain. Newly married couples should not place these things in the room, to ensure a smooth marriage life.


    However beautiful thorny plants are, you should not put them in the newlywed bedroom. In feng shui, they bring a lot of murderous energy. Their thorns pointing at our body will produce bad energy with negative affects on our health. Moreover, they also encourage a “tit for tat” attitude, making couples hurt each other, be intolerant, or lack patience. If you want to arrange roses in the room, select those without thorns.

    Your ex's photos and items

    If you are starting a new marriage, your ex's photos and items should be thrown out or stored away, not kept in the bedroom. These things can become barriers to your relationship, and develop cracks in the feelings between husband and wife.

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