Feng Shui In Your Children's Bedroom

20:44' 15-03-2018
Feng shui in a house affects not only the owner’s fortune, luck and love, but also the health of family members. If your children are often sick, consider that you may have made certain feng shui mistakes in their bedroom.

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    Electronic devices

    Electronic devices not only produce a lot of radiation that is not good for children’s health, but also make them distracted and become so addicted to games and movies that they do not want to study or go to sleep on time. This in the long term will greatly damage their health.

    Mirror's position

    Placing a mirror directly opposite a bed is a big well known feng shui mistake. This not only affects the psychology and emotion of anyone lying on the bed, seeing yourself in the mirror right after waking up can also startle you. In that way, hostile energy radiating from the mirror is directed at the bed. This affects the ability to sleep soundly, badly affecting the children's health.

    Window blinds

    If windows and blinds are often closed, positive energy cannot enter the house. Children living in a negative environment over the long term will become less talkative and less communicative, possibly ending up with psychological problems.

    Direction of the bed

    Placing the head of a child’s bed next to or opposite a window, or exposing it to direct sources of light such as chandeliers, night lights, etc., will produce negative energy, seriously affecting their health and psychology.

    Dark colours

    The colours of a room have a great influence on children’s psychology and health. In feng shui, bedrooms painted with colours such as dark red, orange, chartreuse green, or many different colours together will create stress for the people staying in it. In the long term, this will cause them to become hot-tempered and unhappy, badly affecting their health.

    When painting the children's bedroom, it is best to choose bright colours such as light pink, lemon yellow, light green or light blue to make them feel comfortable.

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