Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom Curtains

20:33' 08-10-2018
When designing a bedroom, most married couples just focus on the direction of the window and the door, but are more likely to overlook the colour of bedroom curtains.

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    In fact, the colour of bedroom curtains has certain implications for their affection and the happiness of their marriage.

    Pink curtains

    Some young couples think that pink curtains help add warmth and romance to their bedroom. However, in feng shui, this colour easily leads to adultery or rumours, badly affecting their emotional stability. Therefore, it is best not to choose pink bedroom curtains.

    Dynamic colours

    In general, you should choose curtains with “static” colours, such as grey, cream, light blue, etc. These colours suit a married couple's bedroom. You should not choose bedroom curtains with colours that are too “dynamic”, like red, orange, lemon yellow, etc.

    Too bright or dark

    Ideally, you should not choose red or black curtains, because in feng shui these colours will lead to marital discord or adultery. At the same time, you should select bedroom curtains that match the colour of the walls. Try to avoid such colours as red, green, orange, yellow, and purple.

    Motifs with bad meanings

    Curtains with motifs or graphic designs are the choice for many homeowners. However, you should avoid curtains with motifs that bear bad meanings, such as skeletons, dolls, fierce animals, etc. These motifs can affect a couple's relationship in the long term.

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